Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018 update

Here's Ali..............

Ali Sutton participated in the PTECH Job Ready Mentorship Program.  As a junior, she completed modules related to career exploration, self-awareness, networking, resume writing, and interview skills.  She also attended several field trips associated with her career pathway and attended a networking conference.  On several Fridays, she volunteered at Panhandle Special Needs Inc.  
Good job Ali!

Ali Sutton (middle) poses in front of Kootenai Health 

Ali learns about all of the different careers and pathways at Kootenai Health.  Believe it or not, surgeons were not the highest on the salary scale.  I wonder who was.....

Friday, April 20, 2018

4/20/18 Update


"As a business owner, I have recently earned the title as Publisher producing a local monthly publication that is mailed out to a target group of local residents. Hailey will have the opportunity to learn more about the operations of a business and what it takes to produce a publication."  Dawn Bristol of Lake Pend Oreille Neighbors.

Hailey Bristol reviewed the May publication which is heading to print.

Hailey is looking for some businesses to contact

Monday, March 26, 2018


Ms. Palmer's exciting adventure

Michael Myers is working with Mentor Will Young, owner of Aquatic Research Instruments. Young's business manufactures instruments to test water for a variety of reasons.

These instruments are used all over the world. Michael is currently helping to manufacture some of the instruments, but as the weather warms up, he will also help with field testing. Mr. Young and Michael demonstrated how several of the instruments worked, and it was absolutely fascinating.

Michael showing off his finished product

Theo Icardo is learning business management skills at Clark Fork Beverage and Centex. While his plans next year will move more towards the music industry or welding, he said this experience has been truly valuable. 

Theo Icardo

Wade Stevens is continuing his tutelage at Ruen's Drilling where he is learning all aspects of the business.  Today he was running parts between the machine shop and the peninsula. 

Welding with Wade

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Update: 3-15

Some of the Independent Track students are trying brand new experiences this semester. One example is Hailey Bristol, who shadowed with Bonner General Health last semester, but is learning about real estate this semester at Evergreen Realty. Working with Chareese Moore, Hailey has enjoyed visiting all the beautiful properties the most.

Another student who is enjoying a new job shadow experience is Anna Fitchett, who is shadowing Nancy Wilson at Pine Street Dental. Anna was interested in learning more about office management particularly in dental and medical settings. Her favorite part is learning the behind-the-scenes workings of an office and helping patients on the phone and in person. 

Ellie Lambert also changed her mentor this semester, though not her field of study. Ellie is spending rhe semester shadowing Jenny Brotherton-Manna at North Idaho Children's Mental Health. Ms. Brotherton-Manna has been kind enough to mentor three CFHS students since Independent Track began, and does a wonderful job giving kids insights into what a youth therapist does. Ellie's favorite part so far has been sitting in on sessions with therapists and learning how they work with different clients.

Brooke Stevens and Aleehia Valliere are continuing to job shadow at Century 21 Riverstone. Today they were working on marketing materials that will be sent out to future clients. Specifically, they were summarizing property descriptions to fit on the mailing. Yay! Real-world application of English skills!

Anna Overman continues her apprenticeship at J Bar S Gunworks. Today she is working on cleaning a gun that was found at the bottom of a boat, an arduous task. She will also spend the afternoon doing some leather-work on holsters and bags. 

Hailey Gant's accounting job shadow experience continues at Clyde's Towing. Today she was entering invoices and doing some research into an auto part recall. She's excited to pursue accounting at BSU in the fall!

Becca Nielsen is learning more and more about working with Percherons. Today, after prepping five of them by feeding them grain and brushing them, she loaded Wade into the stocks to clean and trim his feet. Her mentor, Coe, is teaching her all aspects of working with these friendly giants, and Becca will participate in the Draft Horse Show in July.

Just a couple miles down the road, Grace Shelton and Lily Simko are helping out at Parnell Ranch with the Clydesdales. They took Ms. Palmer on a wagon ride, and then helped care for the horses afterward. They also showed Ms. Palmer the new foals. One of the girls' mentors, Ben, allowed Ms. Palmer to pet and snuggle a five-day-old foal. It was the highlight of her day! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Update: 01-10

Theo worked at the Cenex station over Christmas Break as part of his Independent Track hours. Here he is helping re-stock and run the register.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Update: 12-15

In the final round of observations for first semester, Ms. Palmer invited mentors to the showcase day and helped flesh out senior presentation days. Students proudly explained what they learned at their job sites today. 

Anna Fitchett will demonstrate kinesthetic learning techniques and explain the benefits of these techniques for her senior project. She's worked with third-grade teacher Carleen Sandell at Kootenai Elementary all semester and has picked up some great teaching ideas. 

Hailey Bristol experienced a variety of radiology opportunities this semester, from the emergency room to the operating room. She's really enjoyed learning from Becky Rasmussen. 

Grace Shelton helps teach small groups in Jennifer Majors classroom at Hope Elementary, and she is phenomenal. During Ms. Palmer's visit, Grace worked with students on a reading exercise. Her poise and attentiveness are a great benefit to her students.

Levi Servis worked on rebuilding a barrier on a corral today. The bull who resides there is pretty destructive! Levi has learned a lot of skills from his mentor Dale this semester. 

Wade Stevens will show how to put together a chuck seal for his demonstration as part of his learning process at Ruen's. 

Evan Howland-Goodwin has found a good fit at the Clark Fork branch of the East Bonner County Library. He will reflect on his time there and demonstrate the Dewey Decimal system for his presentation. 

Monique Breckenridge continues to learn excellent customer service skills at Clark Fork Beverage/Centex. 

Ellie has learned a lot about running a business during the time she is at Elk Mountain Academy. She works mainly with her grandfather, who is the director. She has had opportunity to sit in on therapy groups with the students and took notes for him while he was making phone calls. She has learned  how much time is put into the students and listening to their issues and giving them advice. That has helped her see what it would be like if she wants to pursue a career as a therapist. 

Please come to the Experiential Learning Showcase on January 19th to see what kids are learning at Clark Fork High School! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

One Horse Open Sleigh!

Kind the words of Ms. Palmer:

"I have the best job! I spent a little over two hours this afternoon out at a ranch  in the Selle Valley with Becca Nielsen. Her mentor is teaching her how to care for and drive a Percheron horse team. What beautiful creatures they are! Here she is grooming Bar, a 12-year-old Percheron. He weighs 2,600 pounds, and each hoof is ten inches across. Becca then worked with her mentor Coe to hook up the harnesses to Bar and his half-sister Decka, and took me on a wagon ride. Becca took the reins for awhile. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful experience!"

Becca catching Bar.

Becca grooming Bar.

Becca helping to hook the team to the wagon.

Becca ready to drive.