Friday, November 18, 2016

Ms. Palmer Visits Students In The Field

Today Ms. Palmer had the pleasure to go observe Independent Track students on their job shadow experiences.  The students and their mentors were all extremely happy with the program, and were excited to be a part of it. 

First was Drew, who is apprenticing for Aqua Plumbing.  He showed how to expose the element on a hot water heater so it could be replaced.  We then saw a contracted site with the city where water mains are being worked on nine feet under the road.  

Next was Lia, who is working with the experiential classrooms at Farmin-Stidwell Elementary.  Although Lia just started at the school, both teachers have taken her under their wings, and she was given the opportunity to teach a lesson to first and second graders this afternoon, and may even be speaking to the class about her mission trip experiences around the world.  

Christi was up next, and she's apprenticing at Children's Mental Health.  She gets to help with day-to-day tasks, and see all aspects of what it takes to run a therapy practice.  She is even allowed to sit in on some sessions with prior approval.  She is learning a lot about the area she wants to pursue for a career.  

Conorey is working at the District Office with the technology department, and it is truly his happy place.  He was working on dismantling old computers by removing the hard drives and memory.  He was also programming computers for upcoming testing sessions at an elementary school, and was going to help set them up on site later today.  

Next, Aleehia and Brooke showed Ms. Palmer a thing or two about real estate at Century 21 Riverstone in Sandpoint.  Aleehia demonstrated the use of some sophisticated computer programs and how she has learned to post listings, create videos, and search for comps.  Brooke was working on closing listings that had sold, and even helping write checks.  Both students were passionate about what they were learning, and their mentors were very appreciative of the job shadowing program.  

The last visit of the day was to see Chase, who is working at a custom cabinetry shop.  Located out in the country, the beautiful wood shop is full of a carpenter's dream.  Chase is learning a lot from his mentor, and today was working on sanding and preparing adjustable shelving.  He has plans to build his own piece soon, under the tutelage of his mentor. 

 It was a great day, and CFHS students are doing great things in the Independent Track!