Friday, December 15, 2017

Update: 12-15

In the final round of observations for first semester, Ms. Palmer invited mentors to the showcase day and helped flesh out senior presentation days. Students proudly explained what they learned at their job sites today. 

Anna Fitchett will demonstrate kinesthetic learning techniques and explain the benefits of these techniques for her senior project. She's worked with third-grade teacher Carleen Sandell at Kootenai Elementary all semester and has picked up some great teaching ideas. 

Hailey Bristol experienced a variety of radiology opportunities this semester, from the emergency room to the operating room. She's really enjoyed learning from Becky Rasmussen. 

Grace Shelton helps teach small groups in Jennifer Majors classroom at Hope Elementary, and she is phenomenal. During Ms. Palmer's visit, Grace worked with students on a reading exercise. Her poise and attentiveness are a great benefit to her students.

Levi Servis worked on rebuilding a barrier on a corral today. The bull who resides there is pretty destructive! Levi has learned a lot of skills from his mentor Dale this semester. 

Wade Stevens will show how to put together a chuck seal for his demonstration as part of his learning process at Ruen's. 

Evan Howland-Goodwin has found a good fit at the Clark Fork branch of the East Bonner County Library. He will reflect on his time there and demonstrate the Dewey Decimal system for his presentation. 

Monique Breckenridge continues to learn excellent customer service skills at Clark Fork Beverage/Centex. 

Ellie has learned a lot about running a business during the time she is at Elk Mountain Academy. She works mainly with her grandfather, who is the director. She has had opportunity to sit in on therapy groups with the students and took notes for him while he was making phone calls. She has learned  how much time is put into the students and listening to their issues and giving them advice. That has helped her see what it would be like if she wants to pursue a career as a therapist. 

Please come to the Experiential Learning Showcase on January 19th to see what kids are learning at Clark Fork High School! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

One Horse Open Sleigh!

Kind the words of Ms. Palmer:

"I have the best job! I spent a little over two hours this afternoon out at a ranch  in the Selle Valley with Becca Nielsen. Her mentor is teaching her how to care for and drive a Percheron horse team. What beautiful creatures they are! Here she is grooming Bar, a 12-year-old Percheron. He weighs 2,600 pounds, and each hoof is ten inches across. Becca then worked with her mentor Coe to hook up the harnesses to Bar and his half-sister Decka, and took me on a wagon ride. Becca took the reins for awhile. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful experience!"

Becca catching Bar.

Becca grooming Bar.

Becca helping to hook the team to the wagon.

Becca ready to drive.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Update: 12-01

Ms. Palmer did a second round of visits today to job sites around Bonner County. The purpose of these visits was three-fold:
1. Check in with mentors to see how students are progressing with their learning. 
2. Discuss possibilities for demonstrations for senior projects and sophomore demonstration speeches. 
3. Invite businesses to the Experiential Learning Showcase Day on January 19th (see flyer on Wampus Talks).

Bryant Moore continues his education in the medical industry with North Idaho Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. 

Jacob Allen builds his skills in diesel mechanics at Idaho Forest Group in Laclede. 

Brooke Stevens and Aleehia V.  (who was out of the office during Ms. Palmer's visit for an appointment) are working on end-of-the-year promotions and customer appreciation for Century 21 Riverstone. 

Hailey Gant is not only learning accounting and management skills, but practical skills, like how to use a lock-out kit.
Lucy Selph learns the importance of patience and taking time for customer appreciation  as she seals and stamps a giant pile of Christmas cards for clients at Six Star Automotive. 

Anna Overman's focus is on the details when it comes to cleaning and restoring guns at J Bar S Gunworks.

Ellie V-K puts her writing and photography skills to work while job shadowing Mary Malone at The Daily Bee. She is currently working on writing a piece on the Independent Track. 

Jadyn Delay is shadowing Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton. Today Jadyn is researching grants for a potential YMCA project. 

Come To Our Showcase Day!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Update: 11-17

Hailey Bristol is job shadowing at Bonner General Health with the Radiology Department. Today she observed a portable xray in the emergency room, and imaging during a gallbladder removal, in addition to more routine care.

Anna Fitchett is working with Carleen Sandell at Kootenai Elementary. She is focusing on kinesthetic learning with third graders, specifically how movement aids learning. Her senior project will be based on this concept.

Lastly, Dakota West is interning down in Post Falls at Ground Force Worldwide, a mine support equipment manufacturer that works with Caterpillar.  Specifically, he's working with the engineering department and learning design and manufacturing. His mentor kindly gave a tour of the manufacturing floor. Dakota is pictured in front of a portable fueling tank that GFW created. Yes, Ms. Palmer got to wear a hard hat again! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Update: 10-27

Ms. Palmer had the privilege of visiting Jeremiey McKinney at Encoder Products this morning. This is his second week there shadowing an electrical engineer and product development engineer. This morning Jeremiey worked with Bruno Wilson, learning how to use calipers to measure a part Bruno machined, then how to use the lathe to perfect the part.  Jeremiey also used a microscope to identify flaws the seals in bearings that had been used for 10,000 hours in a machine.  

Anastasia Overman is shadowing at J Bar S Gunworks learning how a small business works and the basics of gunsmithing. This morning she showed Ms. Palmer how to field strip a handgun.  Very impressive!

Hailey Gant wants to pursue accounting after high school, and she's learning all about it working in the office of Clyde's Towing and Trucking. She's become quite familiar with Quickbooks, inputting invoices and receipts. Next week she'll work on reconciling accounts for the month.

Levi Servis, whose passion lies in running large equipment, is working with a local family on a variety of projects on their farm. Today he showed Ms. Palmer how he helped dig up and replace several hundred yards of water line. He's also learning some skills like cooking and home finance that will serve him well in the future.

Back in Clark Fork, Ms. Palmer visited with Evan Howland-Goodwin, who is interning at the Clark Fork Library. He has a tutoring gig set up for those seeking help with basic computing skills, but also helps catalog, shelve, and clean the library.  He was praised by his mentors for being meticulous and well organized.

The last stop today was at the Cenex, where Monique is shadowing as a cashier. Her goal is to become a flight attendant, so her focus is on learning the best customer service skills she can.  

All of the students in the Independent Track are representing CFHS in the most positive light. They are making us proud!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Update: 10-21

Ms. Palmer drove out to Elmira Saturday morning to visit with Becca Nielsen as she worked with her horses Kid and Karma under the tutelage of her mentor Coe. Becca puts in her Independent Track hours on Saturdays when her mentor is available. She is working on undoing the bad training Kid received from a previous owner, and getting him to trust her. Ms. Palmer watched as Becca gently talked to him, introducing one piece of tack at a time. It was beautiful to see their relationship developing, as there is nothing like the bond between a human and a horse. Becca has a natural touch with horses, and her passion for them is evident. For Ms. Palmer, it was nice to be back in a horse stable, and it brought back many childhood memories. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Update: 10-20

Ms. Palmer started off this rainy morning with a visit to North Idaho Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to visit Bryant Moore, who is job shadowing there. Bryant helps check in patients to exam rooms and takes vitals. He also sits in on appointments and assists the doctors and nurses. He has even helped put on and take off a cast! 
Bryant holding a model of an artificial knee and Bryant with Dr. Dibenedetto, an orthopedic surgeon. 

From Ponderay, Ms. Palmer made her way to Laclede to visit the auto shop at Idaho Forest Group. Donning a hard hat and safety glasses, she met with Jim Bombino, who is mentoring Jacob Allen. Jacob is part of their apprenticeship program, which will allow him to receive on-the-job and community college training in diesel mechanics. Today he was helping with preventative maintenance on a forklift. 
Jacob with a forklift he's performing preventive maintenance on.

Next, Ms. Palmer made her way back to Sandpoint, where Ali Sutton is job shadowing at North Idaho Children's Mental Health with Jenny Brotherton. Ali is learning about all kinds of therapy, how therapists take notes, and how to run a therapy business. 
Ali in the Sand Therapy room of NICMH

The next stop was Century 21 Riverstone, where Brooke and Aleehia are learning how to develop marketing materials for targeted neighborhoods. They will be creating postcards of listings for specific neighborhoods, as well as a catalog letting people know what properties have recently sold in their neighborhoods. They will use Century 21 software to do this, so they will be learning how to use that software over the next couple of weeks. 
Brooke (r) and Aleehia (l) holding examples of the marketing materials they will be creating. 

Six Star Automotive was next on the agenda, where Lucy is learning all of he managerial aspects of running a business. She helps owner Chris and office manager Brenda with inventory, invoicing, filing, and other daily tasks. She's already taken away a lot of knowledge that she'll be able to apply to her future career. 
Lucy working on entering invoices into Quick Books. 

The last stop was Lily, who is working with Claire Honsinger doing equine therapy and assistance. Claire helps kids and adults who may be recovering from a mental trauma and those on the autism spectrum by having them interact with horses. Today Lily was helping Claire refine a lesson before a client came. 

Lily and Claire work at refining a lesson with Kiara, the horse. 

It was an amazing day observing amazing kids at work

Friday, October 13, 2017

Highlight: T.J. & Chuck Henderson

Ms. Palmer had the pleasure of observing TJ and Chuck Henderson as they were working with Aspen Landscaping on a Sunnyside property​​​​​​​​. They were working on grading and paving the ground outside a home so the homeowners don't have to worry about water and gravel transferring into the garage anymore. She saw a lot of applied math in action!