Friday, April 21, 2017

March 21 Update

Below are the information and pictures from today's visits by Ms. Palmer of students in the field, working with their mentors in their independent tracks. .

Spencer is job shadowing at Pneumex with Denny, where he is helping build and test pneumatic equipment for physical therapy and sports training enhancement. Pictured is a walker to help patients in wheelchairs learn to walk again. Ms. Palmer also got to try the vibration stand that helps diabetic patients increase blood flow and athletes get a better work out. 

Anna is job shadowing Jenny Shelton at Hope Elementary to learn the ins and outs of teaching kindergarten. Today she was working with students who are learning how to count and write the "teen" numbers. If you ever want to see a phenomenal  classroom and teacher in action, watch Mrs. Shelton!  Anna is learning from the best! 

Monique is learning retail and business management skills by job shadowing at the Cenex in Clark Fork. She says she has learned a lot about customer service and what it takes to run a business. Her friendly demeanor makes her a perfect customer service representative.

Nona is interning at Pend O'reille Shores Resort, and is learning all aspects of hospitality management. She spends each week with a different department. This week she was in the administrative office learning about insurance, worker's compensation, bill paying, and customer feedback.  She loves learning about all the behind-the-scenes information and calls the staff a family.

Bryant and Dakota are in the final stages of re-configuring a golf cart into a drift cart.  They've learned so much with this project about machining, differentials, and engineering.  They are planning to add a racing seat and roll bar to round it out. Mr. Jones has been instrumental in helping them find parts, construct elements, and learn about the mechanicals of the engine.  ​

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