Friday, September 22, 2017

Kissing A Pig!

As part of her Independent Track program, Ellie Kiebert is working with Mary Malone, reporter with the Bonner County Daily Bee. Mary Malone is serving as her mentor. Ellie is exploring a career in journalism. As part of her Friday track experience, Ellie accompanied Mary Malone to Kootenai Elementary. Ms. Malone was covering a human interest story for the newspaper. The school principal, Ms. Kelli Knowles, promised her students that if they all read at least 5000 hours over the summer that she would kiss a pig. And they did! So Ms. Knowles made good on her promise. What an incentive!

Thanks Ellie for the story and the pictures!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Back In Session!

The Independent Track is back in session and in a big way. Over 25 students are participating in individualized mentor-mentee programs throughout the area. They're participating in auto repair, the medical field, accounting, and so much more. Stay with us as we update this blog weekly, to share with you the exciting things our Independent Track students are doing.